Friday, April 1, 2011

Ugly Couches

Everybody has sat in them before; that ugly, old flower couch. Many people have grandparents with couches like these. The ones that instantly grab your attention and give you the great need to plant yourself right in the middle of it. They're almost always comfy, and are always weird combinations of colors and flowers. Who even designed these couches anyways???

Luckily enough, we have one of these couches in our apartment. Its orange, and also incredibly comfortable.

Don't you just want to sit on that? It just beckons for a nap! Luckily enough for us, we have a matching chair as well!

Why am I blogging about this couch?

Just as ugly couches call for us to sit in them, the prophet and apostles call for us to listen to them! See the connection?? Alright fine its a stretch, but I just love this couch.

With conference coming up, what better opportunity do we have to come and listen to them? Especially since we can watch them from our couches! As we sit and listen to their talks, we can find the peace and comfort we are looking for in our lives. The prophet and apostles show us the way to find the perfect joy that comes from our Heavenly Father.

Our old, ugly flower couches can give us the physical comfort and rest we need, and the prophets give us the spiritual rest that we need. See the connection? Just as we want to sit on every old, comfortable couch; we want to listen to every word that is said by the apostles and prophets. They might be old as well, but they know way better than anyone else of what we need to do to feel more of God's love and return to Him.

I know that as we listen to conference this Saturday and Sunday, we will be led to the spiritual comfort we all are looking for. I know that as we prayerfully watch conference, we will be blessed with the information that we need. Conference is something that everybody can get something out of. Just as we all enjoy sitting in comfy couches. Prophet Thomas S. Monson will never lead us astray. As we follow him we will find true spiritual comfort, better than any comfort any old couch can provide.

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