Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Bike Ride!

So this P-day we decided to do something crazy and go on a bike ride instead of playing basketball. First off this is crazy because we all love basketball! How could we skip it?? And second off, I'm definitely not a bike rider! But when we heard about these awesome bike trails out by Old Hickory Lake, we had to hit them up.

But first off, we had to get some grub from everybody's favorite place, Wendy's! I enjoyed a nice chicken sandwich and a delicious Frosty, which may have been my first mistake!

So we get to the beginning of the trails, and we're just feeling awesome and excited, even with our dorky helmets on.

We're feeling awesome, we just had what I thought was a good meal, and we were going to something wholesome, healthy, and good for us.
By the time we get done with the trail, I'm dying! I'm totally out of shape, and as mentioned before, I'm not a bike rider. Plus eating Wendy's before over-exerting myself was just no good. So we barely get back, and I'm seeing spots and ready to throw up. Leaving me in a condition like this...

So why did I feel like this? Was it because it was good and healthy? Doubtful. Was it because I'm so fat? Quite possibly. But I'm pretty sure it was all the Wendy's!

We can relate this lovely story to our lives. Are we filling ourselves with things like bad media, profanity filled music, and anti-Word of Wisdom things? Although they might not seem too bad at first, just like my frosty, but they always end up hurting you. Even if we go to church and read our scriptures and do whats right and healthy, like a wholesome bike ride, we will always end up hurting ourselves.

When we fill our lives with only good things, like celery and yogurt, everything comes out better! There's no better substitute for junk than the Book of Mormon! The Book of Mormon can teach us so many things and tell us what we can do to avoid situations that end up making us feel like garbage.

So I invite everyone to cut the "junk"(old blog post! check it out!) out of your lives so that when we do these truly wholesome, enlightening things like reading the scriptures and going to church, they can really make a difference for the better! We can grow closer to our Heavenly Father and better notice His hand in our lives. I know that as we strive to constantly improve ourselves, we receive more blessings.

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